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TD164 - 15 Tips In Creo Parametric Creo Parametric is a very expansive product. Delivering best practices is essential. Come and learn 15 specific tips that have helped users in the Peterbilt Motors engineering group. Attend this session to learn about Assembly, Part, and Drawing including interaction with Creo View. **This session is part of the CAD & PLM Technical Day co-located event. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.** CAD & PLM Technical Day Session Brian Krieger, Peterbilt Motors
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DEC33B - 3 Business Cases for Additive Manufacturing By going beyond use cases, this presentation will explore how business cases are driving the decision to manufacture with 3D Printing. While it is exciting to see the impact of technologies like HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) it is equally important to understand its limitations. Identifying the correct applications will drive the success of additive manufacturing adoption. While adoption is not simply plug and play, there is a path to successful integration and it is not as difficult as some companies may believe. This session will explore three business cases that are successful models for production with 3D Printing. Breakout Session Ken Burns, Forecast 3D
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DEP25B - 3 Project Pillars of HNI's Digital Journey In 2016, HNI started their Strategic Product Data Management (SPDM) project to help drive their digital transformation journey. While this was the start of the project, it came about after years of internal discussions and limited action. This presentation will be a high-level overview of the project at HNI and will review the three main project pillars (Digital Items, Change Management, and Product Architecture). In addition, this presentation will cover why these areas were HNI's choice for the foundation of their digital journey and why they have used a "Project Sliver" approach with quick sprints to spin up the project. Breakout Session Chris Baker, HNI
Session Icon
IN95B - 5G for Smart Wireless Manufacturing and AR Mass Adoption Industry 4.0 is gaining adoption at the same time as 5G is about to ramp up. 5G technologies provide the network characteristics essential for manufacturing. Low latency and high reliability are needed to support critical applications. High bandwidth and connection density ensure ubiquitous connectivity. These are requirements that manufacturers currently rely on for fixed-line networks. Mobile 5G technology will allow for higher flexibility, lower cost, and shorter lead times for factory floor production reconfiguration, layout changes, and alterations.   With AR and VR already gaining growing momentum, 5G connectivity will open the floodgates of mass adoption, enabling the use of AR at full capacity. The Ericsson and PTC collaboration supports rapid innovation in manufacturing. Together, we can make industrial sites wireless and enable full digitalization with rapid introduction of AR and other applications. Breakout Session Erik Josefsson, Ericsson
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IN792I - 5 Steps to Optimizing Manufacturing & Test Assets with IIoT In today’s market, successful product testing is critical to quality. Manufacturers and their supply chain partners are prioritizing the importance of managing manufacturing data and optimizing asset use. Averna’s IgniteTalX will cover how to: - Gain more control of manufacturing and test assets - Improve efficiency when executing manufacturing strategies - Enable real-time machine monitoring, information on system status - Derive KPIs including first pass yield, throughput, top defects, and Takt Time Averna is a leader in Automated Test Equipment. As a PTC Platinum Partner it is well positioned to leverage the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform to assist manufacturers in their digital transformation. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Jean-Levy Beaudoin, Averna
Session Icon
AS4031 - Academic Summit Opening Keynote Dr. Jordan Cox, SVP of the Global Academic Program will kick off our 2-day event by sharing news and highlights of the Academic program. Special keynote guest to be announced soon! **This session is part of The PTC Academic Summit: an exclusive, invitation-only event. You must be invited to and registered for this event to attend this session.** Academic Summit Jordan Cox, PTC
Session Icon
DEP51CU - Accelerating Digital Thread from Engineering to Manufacturing Beneteau prides itself on delivering custom products to its customers. To ensure that it is providing the right product to the right customer, on time and within budget, Beneteau created a digital thread of product data from engineering to manufacturing. In this session, learn more about Beneteau’s story including how they are able to ensure stakeholders are able to access the most up-to-date product information. Plus discover tips and tricks to start building your own digital thread. Customer Success Story Jean-Baptiste Sinel, Beneteau
Sylvine DATRY, PTC
Session Icon
ST995I - Accelerating Digital Transformation with Next-Gen BI Join Rajesh Murthy from Intellicus to learn how you can leverage data science and machine learning with BI to get the most out of your digital transformation initiatives. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Rajesh Murthy, Intellicus
Session Icon
LS894B - Accelerating Medtech Innovation with Proactive Regulatory Strategies, RIM, and Closed-Loop Quality The FDA Case for Quality (CfQ) provides guidance on how to shift from compliance-centric to product-centric outcome based innovation business models. This new strategy relies heavily on digital transformation and harmonization of cross-functional activities that contribute to the safety and efficacy of each device. Once implemented, regulatory imperatives like EU MDR, UDI, and EUDAMED become more easily managed and a competitive differentiator as regulatory information management (RIM), product BOM’s, documents, changes, non-conformances, complaints and CAPA’s are part of one integral system. In this session, leading medical device manufacturers will present how they are implementing proactive regulatory and quality business strategies within their businesses, milestones to date, and lessons learned along the way. As moderator, Kalypso will showcase industry best practices and leading methodologies. Breakout Session Sajesh Murali, Kalypso
Miguel Beltran-Delgado, Conmed
Noah Cumby, Conmed
David Wolf, Kalypso
Session Icon
CY740I - Acquiring and Retaining Cybersecurity Talent: A Proven Model Workforce development is reliant on the combination of a subject-matter common language framework of projects and tasks. Job descriptions are then derived from this same framework of subject-matter project and tasks definition. A career development plan based on standardized projects and tasks; along with a culture that allows for psychological safety; will allow you to acquire and retain talent. When we combine daily processes of business operations derived from a subject-matter common language, in which all teammates know their role and the roles of others on the team (along with a culture that allows humans to think, feel and perceive without negative consequences) we can truly experience workforce development in any subject-matter profession. Hear how to achieve this success in cybersecurity. Between our technology and our theories, we are showing that organizations can obtain cybersecurity talent in less than 60 days and retain them. Cyber Safety Chats Deidre Diamond, CyberSN
Session Icon
AR14CU - Active Learning Experiences in Extended Reality As the global leader in temporary power, heating and cooling, for more than 50 years Aggreko has helped businesses to improve productivity, manage power demands and plan for emergencies. With over 200 rental locations around the world and equipment installations in remote locations, the local technicians must maintain, troubleshoot and service critical equipment without errors or downtime. Aggreko is using augmented reality (AR) to bring just-in-time and activity based learning experiences to technicians worldwide. Learn how the team is overcoming extended reality (XR) content challenges and creating AR experiences with and without existing 3D data to drive first-time-fix-rates and error reduction, to deliver customer satisfaction and business renewals. Customer Success Story Alejandro Castillo, AGGREKO
Walter Davis, AGGREKO
Session Icon
DEC745B - Additive Manufacturing: Design for Digital Thread 'Because we can' is not sufficient reason to produce parts with Additive Manufacturing (AM). How can we leverage the capabilities and benefits of AM to design the best possible parts and components? In this session, learn how generative design and new design tools, including growth based design, contribute to the creation of truly unique, world-class AM products. Understand how design and AM constraints in a digital world may be combined to produce both lightweight and manufacture-able parts. Hear how design decisions affect product capabilities and material properties in AM and learn how to avoid expensive "trial and error" guesswork to automate the next generation of complex part geometry. This presentation is brought to you by ASME. Breakout Session Andy Roberts, Desktop Metal
Session Icon
DEC691B - Additive Manufacturing is About Making This talk will describe additive manufacturing activities which may not be getting the attention they deserve. Hear from an expert who has helped hundreds of companies incorporate AM into their manufacturing strategies. AM is now 30 years old and has advanced to include having certified commercial airplane and medical implants in polymer and metals. In fact, it has progressed to a stage as a legitimate manufacturing technology: most innovative companies are now working through their AM strategy. The infrastructure around the technology continues to develop and grow each week. More and more materials producers are trying to understand how they get involved. Industrial manufacturers are assessing their ability to use the technology to be faster, better or more affordable whilst trying to understand if it is a “make/ buy” for them. Analytical firms are turning their codes to help automate, simulate and analyze AM. In short, the AM world is now very diverse, very dynamic and very real. What does this mean to you? Breakout Session John Barnes, The Barnes Group Advisors
Session Icon
DEC744B - Additive Manufacturing: Leveraging Design for Maximum Performance Additive manufacturing provides tremendous degrees of design freedom and the ability to produce parts in geometries and configurations never before possible. Leveraging Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) means understanding the opportunities and limitations of the technology and where to push the boundaries. Hear experts explain key considerations in DfAM and how Additive Manufacturing continues to evolve what's possible. This presentation is brought to you by ASME. Breakout Session Tripp Burd, Markforged
Session Icon
DEC34P - Additive Manufacturing: The Big Picture, The Value, and The Benefits To Your Business You want to know how to adjust your business model to extract value from additive manufacturing. Join this panel of experts as they cover all the bases: market conditions and insights from industry experts; popular applications; challenges; and the new capabilities in Creo 6.0. This is the ideal session for anyone interested in both the ‘right now’ and the potential of additive manufacturing and Creo. Whether your plans include opportunity analysis or parametrically-controlled lattice structures, you won’t want to miss this. Panel Discussion Jose Coronado Lara, PTC
Sarah Hodges, PTC
Christoph Braeuchle, PTC
Nihal Velpanur, PTC
Session Icon
IN104CA - Advanced Lean Manufacturing Leveraging Predictive Data Analytics This presentation will detail a case study of how one of Japan's manufacturers eliminated a long-standing global bottleneck on an automotive engine manufacturing line, and the deployment challenges they have faced in their global setting. They faced a “broken” manufacturing process which damaged their customer’s lean manufacturing process and its OEM car manufacturing strategy. Despite the inconsistent data sets across several discrete steps, PTC and the client team adopted a process to undergo the six steps of ThingWorx Analytics in conjunction with a proof-of-concept approach. In this presentation, you will learn how PTC Japan’s team focused on unexpected prediction results of failure causes and business outcomes found via the ThingWorx Analytics decision-tree as well as the time-series model provided. Presenters will share feedback from the manufacturing clients on the successful combination of lean manufacturing and predictive analysis that eliminated waste and increased the throughput, resulting in advanced lean manufacturing. Additionally, you will learn about recent deployment challenges of this machine learning operationalization at scale for factories in different continents and the need for manufacturing master data in BOM form. Case Study Dr. Takeomi Imani, PTC
Session Icon
AD8P - Advanced Modeling and Data Management Best Practices for A&D Applications   Attend this technical panel from data management and CAD experts as they present best practices in configuring and deploying Single Sign-On with PKI and CAC, creating advanced shell features in Creo, flattening varied thickness parts, creating 3D Fill patterns, creating complicated rounds and chamfers, and creating normal holes over a 3D curve. Plus learn how to implement text engraving over non-planar faces, section faceted parts in Creo, create flexible modeling manipulations of edge and vertices, and more! Panel Discussion Saul Szulanski, Noah Technologies
Martin Duffy, US Army
Yoram Schechner, Rafael
Session Icon
TD216 - Advice from the Pros: Transitioning to Creo 5.0 & Creo 6.0 Creo Parametric is a high-end CAD application, the world’s best engineering tool, but not everyone knows how to use the tips & tricks that I’ll show you in this session. Come learn from an expert who’s started his Creo Career with version Pro/E V18. As a training manager my job is always to understand the business first, then translate it to the end-users in the engineering group. Attend this session to learn about Assembly, Part, and Drawing. Don’t miss out! CAD & PLM Technical Day Session Christiaan Renzema, USG Engineering Digital Transformation
Alireza Tousi
Session Icon
AD703 - Aerospace and Defense Using VR/AR To Improve Pilot and Maintainer Training Attend this session to learn how leaders in Aerospace & Defense are using Mixed Reality to improve Pilot and Maintainer Training with a specific focus on game-based learning. Additionally, learn what intelligent tutoring is and how mixed reality is enabling training. FlightSafety will show how they are using Mixed Reality specifically for pilot training and maintenance in commercial and military programs. **This session is part of the VRARA Enterprise Summit. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.** VRARA Enterprise Summit Paul Heitmeyer, FlightSafety
Sean Guarino, Charles River Analytics
John Cunningham, The DiSTI Corporation
Session Icon
AR977I - AIR: A Cross-Domain Interaction Model for Ubiquitous Augmented Reality Applications AR presents an opportunity to change the way we interact with computers, using physical space as the medium through which we can interact with content. In our interactive installation, we present research prototypes that augment the intersection of realities (AIR). These experiences leverage AR enabled devices to visualize the flow of digital content between computing systems, using congruent spatial metaphors to make the interaction with complex computer systems more intuitive. This is presented with two interactive applications. Our prototypes show how cross-domain interactions can be leveraged to reduce the number of context switches a user must undergo to interact with a system of smart devices, using AR to create a seamless flow between previously disjoint domains that mimics the intuitive spatial metaphors of real world interaction. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Christian Vazquez, PTC
Benjamin Reynolds, PTC
Session Icon
AD2B - Airbus Enterprise Architecture for Digital Twin and Digital Continuity    In the frame of its Digital Transformation initiative, Airbus launched several projects to produce quickly with high quality standards, reduce time to market and better satisfy their customer. Bringing the digital twin to life on the shopfloor is one of their initiatives, highly contributing to digital continuity in design and manufacturing. Integration of new technologies like robotics, industrial IoT, and AR, as well as establishing seamless bridges with IS backbone components are key. Attend this session to hear how to optimize operational performance by leveraging the availability of smart tools such as drilling units through anticipation in the process. The solution implemented provides insights about drilling operations both to the methods and to the designers. It results as well in improved traceability, better quality, and aims at cost and complexity reduction.   Breakout Session Jonathan BIORET, Airbus
Simon Rince, Airbus
Session Icon
CP235B - Amplify your business and break new boundaries with PTC and Microsoft The factory of the future is powered by the industrial internet of things, advanced automation, artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities. These technologies have catapulted manufacturing into a place where true value co-creation throughout the extended business network is accelerating digital transformation. Please join us as we walk through the newest Microsoft innovations that enable you to break the traditional boundaries and limitation, deliver the most advanced manufacturing capabilities today with PTC and Microsoft Azure IoT. Breakout Session Clayton Fernandez, Microsoft
Chafia Aouissi, Microsoft
Session Icon
UX221 - Annotations in Creo View Test feedback tools in Windchill and Creo View while we observe. We will use our observations as input to future enhancements in this area. TARGET PERSONA: Windchill users who are typically responsible for providing or receiving feedback as part of a change process or release cycle for items in Windchill. UX Lab Bob Rouleau, PTC
Session Icon
UX099 - ANSYS AIM Simulation Evaluate early concepts related to the new advanced simulation application in Creo. The application is based on the Ansys AIM engine. TARGET PERSONA: Simulation Experts, Creo Designer, Creo Engineer UX Lab Eyal Chaki, PTC
Session Icon
CP329B - Anticipate and Resolve Issues Before They Happen Using Predictive Maintenance A common myth purports that humans use only 10% of their brain power. Unfortunately, it’s no myth that most IoT data today goes unleveraged and most factories are unable to realize the full value of predictive maintenance. Learn about Rockwell Automation solutions available today that use machine learning to reduce downtime and improve performance. Breakout Session Michael Tay, Rockwell Automation
Session Icon
IN948I - AR Can Be Simple AR example talking through a basic machine changeover scenario without CAD files, with limited data Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Andrew Barker, PTC
Session Icon
TR783 - AR Development Quick Start with Vuforia Studio
Do you want to build AR experiences? In this course, you will get a high level overview of the AR market (strategy, use cases, development practices) and then you will build out an AR experience for a consumer marketing use case. In this project-based experience you will setup an AR project and create AR experiences with 2D and 3D assets. The intent is that you will walk away with a strong understanding of AR development strategies and be able to make your own begginner AR experiences using Vuforia Studio. This course is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.
**Trainings are available at an additional fee. Please register for trainings during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.**
Trainings for Purchase Quinn Tian, PTC
Session Icon
DEP55M - Are You Ready for PLM Democratization? The democratization of PLM enabled by Navigate and other IoT solutions brings with it new data security challenges as large numbers of non-traditional users are added to the existing user base. For these users, it is critical to ensure that only the appropriate data is delivered.     Traditional Windchill access policy design has often focused on a relatively narrow group of users, most of whom are information authors, reviewers and approvers who have a good understanding of the overall PLM data management concepts. Organizations may find that their existing solutions do not hold up to future user scaling. Attend this session for real world experience in solving access policy related design and support problems with Windchill customers, to discuss and tackle improvement in existing implementations, and to plan for future needs. This session will give attendees the awareness and understanding required to be proactive in preparing for Navigate and IoT based expansions of their PLM user base. Meet the Experts Russell Pratt, PTC
Session Icon
LS110B - AR for Training in Healthcare Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to transform the way healthcare organizations train staff and engage patients and their families in clinical settings. In this session, we will look at how AR- based training can be helpful in clinical settings, drawing on lessons learned in other industries. We will describe the medical procedures and processes most in need of improved training, identify the priorities hospitals care about, and provide practical guidance on how to work with medical professionals. Throughout, we will use examples from our work at Boston Children's Hospital. Finally, we will outline opportunities for collaboration with authors of AR-based training software and other AR innovators. Breakout Session Melissa Burke, SIMPeds
Jeffrey Jacobson, Boston Children's Hospital
Session Icon
AM22CU - A Roller Coaster Ride to Tooling Management: How PACCAR Automated A Multi-division Tooling Asset and Cross-department Workflow Administration This session will take you through the roller coaster journey that PACCAR experienced when it decided to move away from multiple less transparent, non-integrated and non-automated database and communication management tools to a single, integrated and robust tooling management application. When PACCAR started this project they faced implementation challenges like migrating heterogeneous data from multiple sources and departments, vetting the data quality through multiple migration rehearsals, and more. However, the benefits of integration and automation outweighed the challenges and the end result was a consolidated tooling management interface with a single process for approving, purchasing and managing tools. Users experienced a reduction in turnaround time for tooling approvals making the process 81% more efficient. Tooling delays went down by 2 weeks. The automation eliminated manual entry, calculation errors and rework efforts. Users had visibility to 16,000+ shared tooling records across divisions. Customer Success Story Navika Wadhwa, PACCAR Inc.
Session Icon
AI121B - Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Digital Transformation Through Deep Learning Digital transformation - the reimagining of business models to place technology at their core - is the strategic imperative sweeping through every industry on the planet right now. The accelerating advancement of emerging tech is rendering existing business models obsolete. Digital transformation is itself being disrupted and transformed by the commoditization and accessibility of artificial intelligence, realized in the form of deep learning. Deep learning will fundamentally change every industry on the planet, and will drive AI-enabled digital transformation for years to come. Success requires an AI strategy that can accommodate business drivers, data engineering, model architecture, enterprise infrastructure, service integration, and innovative human-to-AI interfaces. This session will explore AI strategy to power digital transformation, its inherent logistics, and will help you to discover how digital transformation can be realized by integrating deep learning into a modern enterprise architecture. Breakout Session Chris Benson, Lockheed Martin
Session Icon
AS030 - AR Trends and Strategies Mike Campbell, EVP of Augmented Reality Products at PTC, will present on the state of industrial AR - current technologies, trends, and strategies in the industry. **This session is part of The PTC Academic Summit: an exclusive, invitation-only event. You must be invited to and registered for this event to attend this session.** Academic Summit Michael Campbell, PTC
Session Icon
DEP54M - Ask an Expert: The Evolving Product Compliance Landscape The product compliance landscape is evolving, and as a result the requirements companies face are also changing. With increasing chemical reporting requirements, companies need to be prepared to scale their programs for success.  Having access to regulatory expertise is proving to be essential for companies to navigate this complex environment. In this interactive Q&A session, attendees can learn from a subject matter expert about major chemical reporting updates, common challenges faced by industry and what the future holds in product compliance. Attendees will also hear how other companies are adapting to meet these challenges to ensure product compliance program success. The key focus will be on Material and Product Compliance (REACH, RoHS etc). Meet the Experts James Calder, Assent Compliance
Session Icon
DEC27M - Ask the Experts: Creo Join Creo Product Managers as they answer your questions and reveal to you expert shortcuts and little-known tips to ensure you get the most from Creo.   Meet the Experts Arnaud van de Veerdonk, PTC
jim Barrett-Smith, PTC
Jose Coronado Lara, PTC
Mark Fischer, PTC
Matt Ender, PTC
Paul Sagar, PTC
Martin Neumueller, PTC
Celia Lee, PTC
Session Icon
EH487I - Assent & PTC Windchill: A Partnership for a Stronger Materials Compliance Program The materials compliance landscape is constantly evolving, and companies need to adapt to new or expanding regulatory requirements as a result. They need solutions that enable them to efficiently manage their supply chain data in order to help scale their programs for success. Assent Compliance, the global leader in supply chain data management, and PTC Windchill have partnered to deliver the most technologically advanced solution for materials compliance on the market. Jonathan Hughes, Assent’s co-founder and Director, Strategic Relationships, will showcase the integration between the Assent Compliance Platform and PTC Windchill, highlighting this robust materials compliance solution and explaining the benefits. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Jonathan Hughes, Assent Compliance Inc.
Session Icon
IN94B - A Thingworx Journey Come and see our ThingWorx journey here at Fresenius. We will show you how we are approaching OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), supply chain cost management through headcount insights, and finally production line monitoring using Kepware in our manufacturing environment. You will see where we started in our ThingWorx journey and where we’re headed…with lots of demos along the way. Breakout Session Nathan Thornton, Fresenius Medical Care
Session Icon
AR11B - Augmented Reality Design Strategies and Tools Discover design tools and techniques that will enable your team to identify solutions, create prototypes and test with users rapidly. Attendees will learn UX design strategies, UI design patterns, and tools that you can implement in your AR projects. Breakout Session Ayora Berry, PTC
Nathaniel Lane, PTC
Session Icon
TR784 - Augmented Realty (AR) Development Quick Start with Vuforia Studio
Do you want to build AR experiences? In this course, you will get a high level overview of the AR market (strategy, use cases, development practices) and then you will build out an AR experience for a consumer marketing use case. In this project-based experience you will setup an AR project and create AR experiences with 2D and 3D assets. The intent is that you will walk away with a strong understanding of AR development strategies and be able to make your own beginner AR experiences using Vuforia Studio. This course is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.
**Trainings are available at an additional fee. Please register for trainings during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.**
Trainings for Purchase Kevin Hanmann, PTC
Session Icon
AR319I - Augmenting the Reality of Everything: The Future of AR is the Future of Work Augmented reality promises to make the world – and work – a stage for an immersive experience that improves connection, experiences, and productivity. All companies need an AR strategy, but like all bets on new disruptive technologies, it’s really about driving a solid business case - a balance of ROI and FOMO. These are the long-range issues that anyone with a line-of-sight to strategy execution for their company will need to be asking about the future of augmented reality. Based on our 2019 research study with Oxford, we identified key issues this session will cover to address these three and more takeaways. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Paul Roehrig, Cognizant
Session Icon
AD146I - Authoring AR Experiences for A&D by Boston Engineering Attend this session for a technical showcase and technology presentation and learn how to author AR experiences and creating apps for multiple applications in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Mark Smithers, Boston Engineering
Jose Vazquez, Boston Engineering Corporation
Session Icon
AD196I - Avatar Partners - How to Precisely Lock on Any Sized Object Using Object Tracking Demonstration of the Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid (ARMA) developed for the F/A-18 using Vuforia and Unity. We will provide tips on how to use object tracking to lock on any sized object, particularly large objects where the user must walk around a large object and maintain lock on target, and how we reduced troubleshooting time by 75%. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Brian Toppel, TMCS
Session Icon
TD170 - Back to Basics: Simplified Reps For Everyone The Simplified Representation is one of those tools that almost everybody is aware of, but nobody uses. Come to this session for a "back to basics" look at Simplified Representations and how they can turn your sluggish, disorganized models into fast, efficient tools to get your next product to market. While it's not IoT-specific and does not require AR goggles, this presentation contains information on one of the building blocks to advanced product development. **This session is part of the CAD & PLM Technical Day co-located event. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.** CAD & PLM Technical Day Session Josh Houser, Pelco by Schneider Electric
Session Icon
IN424I - Become a Digital Leader Manage and Monetize Your Digital Offerings – From the Edge to the Cloud Digital leaders deliver a secure product, manage software, services and devices securely, leverage the value of data and insights and monetize effectively. Successful manufacturers and OEMs get ahead of their competition with competitive solutions based on software, services and data. Success in the IIoT depends on streamlined manufacturing and operational processes, long-term customer relationships, continued innovation and the adaption of new monetization models (e.g. subscription, pay-per-use). Software monetization is a key component of any IoT solution. It’s the enabler behind a centralized software business and standard software/firmware update processes. It also enables manufacturers to standardize hardware by enabling/disabling features on demand, collecting smart data from edge devices and creating efficiencies on the production line. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Cris Wendt, Flexera Software
Session Icon
AR978I - Behind the Keynote The keynote address demonstrated how powerful concepts such as “Digital Thread” and “Digital Twin” enable Digital Transformation. This session presents how the demonstration was built using PTC software. Meet the Experts Steve Dertien, PTC
Kevin Jordan, PTC
Session Icon
AR127I - Behind the Magic - Microsoft Hololens 2 This session will take a technical look at some of the implementation details and lessons learned in PTC’s recent work in enhancing our Vuforia Engine and Studio products to make use of the exciting new features that are being made available in Microsoft’s new Hololens 2. We will cover many of the new features that this device brings to the Mixed Reality experience, and show how we took those features, along with close cooperation and guidance with the Microsoft Hololens engineering and UX design teams, to build out new capabilities that we will be offering in upcoming versions of the Vuforia product suite. Ignite TalX (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Steve Ghee, PTC
Session Icon
CP134CA - Bell and Howell: Digital Transformation of Service Business In this session, Bell and Howell will discuss how they are digitally transforming their service business by enabling device connectivity, IoT-enabled intelligent remote monitoring, and actionable smart data. Presenters will share success stories on the rapid scale deployment of their IoT connected retail pick up towers across major retail stores in North America. Case Study Larry Blue, Bell & Howell
Haroon Abbu, Bell and Howell
Session Icon
CP65B - Better Together: Microsoft, PTC and Rockwell Getting digital transformation initiatives off the ground is complex. Rockwell Automation, PTC, and Microsoft are leading the way with the only alliance that delivers the resources, technologies, and industry expertise customers need to simplify transformation, accelerate business outcomes, and innovate with agility. In this session, you will learn how Rockwell Automation, PTC, and Microsoft can help simplify industrial transformation, accelerate business outcomes and innovate with agility. Breakout Session Chirayu Shah, Rockwell Automation
Neal Hagermoser, PTC
Session Icon
AR759 - Beyond FOMO and Fence Sitting: Making VR/AR Good Business Many businesses are wondering how and when to adopt VR/AR and suffer from the fear of missing out. Others are sitting on the fence, reluctant to commit to a considered internal-facing product. The result is half-baked technical POCs that do little to prove the relevance of VR for the enterprise. A Gartner report last year stated, "The biggest barrier to the wide adoption of immersive technologies is the lack of good user experience." In this talk, I will discuss how we bring design thinking, experience design, and service design methodologies to VR/AR to create relevant, needed experiences which demonstrate the value of these technologies for business. **This session is part of the VRARA Enterprise Summit. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.** VRARA Enterprise Summit Clare Bond, EPAM
Session Icon
TD174 - Bill of Features Leveraging part-centric design capabilities available are crucial to implementing a Model-Based Enterprise to maximize the re-use part CAD models. But what about features that are common across many different product lines? Logical representations of a feature can empower engineers to maximize their ability to re-use these features and to continuously improve the definition of the features when used or produced in different contexts/products. Standardized feature ontologies can also be a catalyst to unlocking even greater value from your digital product definition and IoT initiatives. By introducing a logical “Feature” level in a product structure, many of the benefits that come with implementing a part-centric design environment can now be realized at the feature level. **This session is part of the CAD & PLM Technical Day co-located event. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.** CAD & PLM Technical Day Session Ryan Gelotte, Action Engineering, LLC