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DEC33B - 3 Business Cases for Additive Manufacturing By going beyond use cases, this presentation will explore how business cases are driving the decision to manufacture with 3D Printing. While it is exciting to see the impact of technologies like HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) it is equally important to understand its limitations. Identifying the correct applications will drive the success of additive manufacturing adoption. While adoption is not simply plug and play, there is a path to successful integration and it is not as difficult as some companies may believe. This session will explore three business cases that are successful models for production with 3D Printing. Breakout Session Ken Burns, Forecast 3D
DEP25B - 3 Project Pillars of HNI's Digital Journey In 2016, HNI started their Strategic Product Data Management (SPDM) project to help drive their digital transformation journey. While this was the start of the project, it came about after years of internal discussions and limited action. This presentation will be a high-level overview of the project at HNI and will review the three main project pillars (Digital Items, Change Management, and Product Architecture). In addition, this presentation will cover why these areas were HNI's choice for the foundation of their digital journey and why they have used a "Project Sliver" approach with quick sprints to spin up the project. Breakout Session Chris Baker, HNI
IN95B - 5G for Smart Wireless Manufacturing and AR Mass Adoption Industry 4.0 is gaining adoption at the same time as 5G is about to ramp up. 5G technologies provide the network characteristics essential for manufacturing. Low latency and high reliability are needed to support critical applications. High bandwidth and connection density ensure ubiquitous connectivity. These are requirements that manufacturers currently rely on for fixed-line networks. Mobile 5G technology will allow for higher flexibility, lower cost, and shorter lead times for factory floor production reconfiguration, layout changes, and alterations.   With AR and VR already gaining growing momentum, 5G connectivity will open the floodgates of mass adoption, enabling the use of AR at full capacity. The Ericsson and PTC collaboration supports rapid innovation in manufacturing. Together, we can make industrial sites wireless and enable full digitalization with rapid introduction of AR and other applications. Breakout Session Erik Josefsson, Ericsson
IN105CU - A Golden IIoT Approach Dundee precious metals 'took the lid off the mine' including by creating immersive ThingWorx powered display walls for daily planning and execution, auto-expanding whole-site wif, and by creating a Smart Center hub that powers thoughtful and data driven decision making.   Dundee Prcious Metals Inc. saw a huge payoff with this approach. Their near-bankrupt mine became profitable and saw a 400% output increase in just two years. Additionally they were able to maintain competitiveness in the market by offering the lowest acquisition cost per ounce of gold in the market, and saw their exploration and innovation efforts double in output.   Theo Yamego, VP Digital Innovation, holds a unique view. Rather than only seeking advice from companies in the mining vertical, they sought outside viewpoints that were farther into their IIoT projects and could provide insights from a creative approach. As a result, their teams have discovered many ways to gain insight, implement IoT use cases, and run things better based on this outside-in approach.   Theo will share examples of hi-tech in action and describe how Dundee's current state and future glistens like gold. Customer Success Story Theophile Yameogo, Dundee Precious Metals
AD2B - Airbus Enterprise Architecture for Digital Twin and Digital Continuity    In the frame of its Digital Transformation initiative, Airbus launched several projects to produce quickly with high quality standards, reduce time to market and better satisfy their customer. Bringing the digital twin to life on the shopfloor is one of their initiatives, highly contributing to digital continuity in design and manufacturing. Integration of new technologies like robotics, industrial IoT, and AR, as well as establishing seamless bridges with IS backbone components are key. Attend this session to hear how to optimize operational performance by leveraging the availability of smart tools such as drilling units through anticipation in the process. The solution implemented provides insights about drilling operations both to the methods and to the designers. It results as well in improved traceability, better quality, and aims at cost and complexity reduction.   Breakout Session Jonathan BIORET, Airbus
Simon Rince, Airbus
DEP55M - Are You Ready for PLM Democratization? The democratization of PLM enabled by Navigate and other IoT solutions brings with it new data security challenges as large numbers of non-traditional users are added to the existing user base. For these users, it is critical to ensure that only the appropriate data is delivered.     Traditional Windchill access policy design has often focused on a relatively narrow group of users, most of whom are information authors, reviewers and approvers who have a good understanding of the overall PLM data management concepts. Organizations may find that their existing solutions do not hold up to future user scaling. Attend this session for real world experience in solving access policy related design and support problems with Windchill customers, to discuss and tackle improvement in existing implementations, and to plan for future needs. This session will give attendees the awareness and understanding required to be proactive in preparing for Navigate and IoT based expansions of their PLM user base. Meet the Experts Russell Pratt, PTC
LS110B - AR for Training in Healthcare Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to transform the way healthcare organizations train staff and engage patients and their families in clinical settings. In this session, we will look at how AR- based training can be helpful in clinical settings, drawing on lessons learned in other industries. We will describe the medical procedures and processes most in need of improved training, identify the priorities hospitals care about, and provide practical guidance on how to work with medical professionals. Throughout, we will use examples from our work at Boston Children's Hospital. Finally, we will outline opportunities for collaboration with authors of AR-based training software and other AR innovators. Breakout Session Melissa Burke, Boston Children's Hospital
Jeffrey Jacobson, Boston Children's Hospital
AM22CU - A Roller Coaster Ride to Tooling Management: How PACCAR Automated A Multi-division Tooling Asset and Cross-department Workflow Administration This session will take you through the roller coaster journey that PACCAR experienced when it decided to move away from multiple less transparent, non-integrated and non-automated database and communication management tools to a single, integrated and robust tooling management application. When PACCAR started this project they faced implementation challenges like migrating heterogeneous data from multiple sources and departments, vetting the data quality through multiple migration rehearsals, and more. However, the benefits of integration and automation outweighed the challenges and the end result was a consolidated tooling management interface with a single process for approving, purchasing and managing tools. Users experienced a reduction in turnaround time for tooling approvals making the process 81% more efficient. Tooling delays went down by 2 weeks. The automation eliminated manual entry, calculation errors and rework efforts. Users had visibility to 16,000+ shared tooling records across divisions. Customer Success Story Navika Wadhwa, PACCAR Inc.
AI121B - Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Digital Transformation Through Deep Learning Digital transformation - the reimagining of business models to place technology at their core - is the strategic imperative sweeping through every industry on the planet right now. The accelerating advancement of emerging tech is rendering existing business models obsolete. Digital transformation is itself being disrupted and transformed by the commoditization and accessibility of artificial intelligence, realized in the form of deep learning. Deep learning will fundamentally change every industry on the planet, and will drive AI-enabled digital transformation for years to come. Success requires an AI strategy that can accommodate business drivers, data engineering, model architecture, enterprise infrastructure, service integration, and innovative human-to-AI interfaces. This session will explore AI strategy to power digital transformation, its inherent logistics, and will help you to discover how digital transformation can be realized by integrating deep learning into a modern enterprise architecture. Breakout Session Chris Benson, Lockheed Martin
DEP54M - Ask an Expert: The Evolving Product Compliance Landscape The product compliance landscape is evolving, and as a result the requirements companies face are also changing. With increasing chemical reporting requirements, companies need to be prepared to scale their programs for success.  Having access to regulatory expertise is proving to be essential for companies to navigate this complex environment. In this interactive Q&A session, attendees can learn from a subject matter expert about major chemical reporting updates, common challenges faced by industry and what the future holds in product compliance. Attendees will also hear how other companies are adapting to meet these challenges to ensure product compliance program success. The key focus will be on Material and Product Compliance (REACH, RoHS etc). Meet the Experts James Calder, Assent Compliance
DEC27M - Ask the Experts: Creo Join Creo Product Managers as they answer your questions and reveal to you expert shortcuts and little-known tips to ensure you get the most from Creo.   Meet the Experts Paul Sagar, PTC
AR11B - Augmented Reality Design Strategies and Tools Discover design tools and techniques that will enable your team to identify solutions, create prototypes and test with users rapidly. Attendees will learn UX design strategies, UI design patterns, and tools that you can implement in your AR projects. Breakout Session Ayora Berry, PTC
Nathaniel Lane, PTC
IN103CA - Automating Line Tasks to Free Up Man Power The digitalization of manufacturing assets, production lines and plants provides us with more accurate numbers, real time data, and the opportunity to review and compare production data. The transformation to a digital manufacturing center also provides us with the chance to get rid of error prone activities and free up valuable resources from production line tasks.  In this case study we will show how a PTC customer, together with the PTC customer success organization, introduced similar automation to their production line. By introducing an Industry 4.0 automated process, where the different components work together in a work-flow-like environment, they were able to get rid of an error-prone product labeling and protocol printing process.   Both the customer and the services team will talk about their different challenges, starting with the use case identification, then through the environment of the different suppliers until the first product label was successfully printed. Case Study Martin Flassak, Knorr Bremse
Sebastian Erler-Yates, PTC
CP134CA - Bell and Howell: Digital Transformation of Service Business In this session, Bell and Howell will discuss how they are digitally transforming their service business by enabling device connectivity, IoT-enabled intelligent remote monitoring, and actionable smart data. Presenters will share success stories on the rapid scale deployment of their IoT connected retail pick up towers across major retail stores in North America. Case Study Haroon Abbu, Bell and Howell
DEC28B - CAD Model Efficiency, Quality and Effectiveness: Laying The Foundations For Maximum Project Value As the number and sophistication of digital design methods increase and expand, the quality of a parametric CAD file has never been more important. However, accommodating the trend of increased customer demand necessitates a rapid and agile development process, where the production of high-quality models requires resource investment that is often difficult to justify. With these seemingly competing priorities for CAD practitioners how does a company continue to maximize their value-added work throughout the modern product lifecycle? The goal for successful contemporary businesses must be to improve efficiency wherever possible, but how should this be achieved? This discussion aims to address CAD efficiency, quality, and effectiveness, and give some real-world examples where understanding, or misunderstanding, these requirements has had a direct influence on project value. Breakout Session Andrew Lindsay, Loughborough University
EH59B - Capability Meets Vision: Unlocking the Full Potential of the Digital Twin Companies have seen some recent success in deploying targeted Digital Capabilities (Blockchain, AR/ VR, AI, IoT, etc.), but they tend to fall short of the envisioned scale and return on investment. With digital technology continuing to mature, new data sources and the means to access them are available. These 'Digital Threads' combined with a Unified Product Model enable the convergence of vision and capability to unlock significant value throughout the end-to-end product journey. Breakout Session Michael Duncan, Accenture
Horst Groesser, Accenture
DEP52CU - Complexities of Multi-CAD on a Customized Enterprise Windchill Deployment Attend this session to learn the different considerations and complexities that a large, enterprise scale, customized Windchill installation had to take into account for a successful implementation. Considerations include business specific CAD process differences (revision series, As Stored vs Latest, etc), CM and release process similarities and differences including custom release validation tool considerations, Windchill infrastructure differences (CAD Workers and visualizations, 3D PDF representations, CAD compare reports (CADIQ), etc,), and tool support differences (different CAD Systems, WGM, CreoView, etc.). Customer Success Story Matt McGuire, Raytheon
Lianne Poisson, Raytheon
CP88B - Connecting Asset Advisor to Azure This session will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to quickly connect your Asset Advisor app to the Azure IoT Hub and other Azure components for a swift data flow from your IoT Edge devices to the app. It will walk you through different Azure configurations you may have and discuss how Asset Advisor can support them. Breakout Session Ankit Newaskar, PTC
IN101B - Control System Security and Industry 4 Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks are perhaps the most critical networks to secure from malicious actors. Most ICS networks connect and control processes that are safety-critical. Failure or loss of control can impact a single worker, an entire site, or even an entire region. Recent cybersecurity attacks have demonstrated that traditional methods of securing these networks are no longer sufficient. In this session, we will introduce best practices for auditing your existing network operations, how to design a network with best-in-class security, and how to harden and deploy middleware applications to improve ICS network security. Breakout Session Thomas Gaudet, PTC
DEC30B - Creo Parametric 6.0 Product Update: Core Modeling & User Experience In this perennial favorite, PTC Product Management will discuss the latest enhancements in Creo 6.0 focusing on the areas of core parametric modeling in regular part mode, sheet metal design, and user experience. Breakout Session Martin Neumueller, PTC
DEC37B - Creo Tips and Tricks Creo Product Managers take the stage to help you design smarter for both today and tomorrow.  Breakout Session Paul Sagar, PTC
DEP49CU - Customize This: Mashups For The Enterprise With over 2,000 daily active users on their PTC Windchill system, Raytheon has all types of users.  From daily users in Engineering, users in Operations looking for change status, to external customers across the globe, navigating through Windchill may be a little overwhelming for the once a week to once a month user.      Learn from the architecture, deployment/ development, and business team on Raytheon's large deployment of PTC Navigate to hear about the custom views their users were looking for that were built on top of PTC Navigate. Hear how the team was able to enhance the adoption and usage of a common PDM tool with PTC Navigate. Customer Success Story Gary DeForest, Raytheon
Lei Yu, Raytheon
Stefanie Martinez, Raytheon
Danny Poisson, Raytheon
Timothy Swett, Raytheon
DEP135CA - Data Aggregation for the Oilfield Learn how enterprise PLM and connected systems can add value by aggregating data from multiple business systems, giving a consolidated view and entry point for field personnel, tying together data points, weaving a digital thread between systems and departments. Case Study Lewis Lawrence, Weatherford
AR149B - Delivering a Powerful AR/VR User Experience for the Enterprise Employee Industries of all types are adopting emergent technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to become more versatile, productive and profitable. AR and VR and the mashup of the two, MR or XR, are especially adding value and superior levels of engagement with employees in areas such as training, performance support, onboarding, HR and more. Companies seeing success are making user experience strategy a critical ingredient. A well-designed UX requires a thorough understanding of the target audience, the context in which they will receive the information and the AR/VR/MR technology (hardware, software, company IT infrastructure) requirements. This session will lay out a strong and agile UX strategy that utilizes design thinking, audience empathy, contextual awareness and other ingredients of powerful user experience. Breakout Session Scott McCormick, Emergent Enterprise
DEC34B - Design for Additive Manufacturing With Creo, what you design is actually what you print. This session provides a review of the capabilities in Creo 6.0 that enable you to design for Additive Manufacturing. It will also show how a Creo user can take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities without transferring data across multiple software packages specialized in different tasks. Say goodbye to the hassle and start thinking instead about producing parametrically controlled lattice structures and fully-detailed parts with accurate mass properties. Breakout Session Jose Coronado Lara, PTC
AM21CA - Digitally Integrated Product Development: IoT Enabled Generative Design, Automated PLM & Additive Manufacturing The integration of generative design, advanced simulation, IoT and additive manufacturing offers manufacturers a powerful opportunity to enable an automated, responsive design cycle. With digitally integrated product development, product performance results can automatically enhance and optimize 3D models in real-time, leading to direct additive manufacturing of a re-designed product or component. In this session, presenters will demonstrate this approach through an integrated prototype solution and will demonstrate the automated update and additive manufacturing of a real automotive component. Attend this session to learn about the transformative opportunity for new product development through generative design techniques. Case Study John Woods, Kalypso
DEP50CU - Digital Thread Weaving from Design to Introduction to Manufacturing Attend this session to learn about a customer experience and story of growth as Vestas wove the Digital Thread from their design team to the shop floor within their global manufacturing footprint. Hear lessons learned from Vestas as they try to implement MPMLink within an array of complex production methodologies. Learn how Vestas is using MPMLink data for training, work instructions, and shop floor simulations in order to try and harvest measurable efficiencies gains. Customer Success Story Tommy Rasmussen, Vestas
mark jaxion, Vestas
LS111CU - Digital Transformation - Stryker's Service Journey In the healthcare industry, digitization not only elevates the patient experience, it also drastically reduces human errors- enhancing revenues and reducing costs. Stryker develops a range of high-tech medical devices that require a high level of knowledge and technical skills to operate, service and maintain. In this presentation, we will share how Stryker is transforming its service model through the strategic application of remote monitoring, IoT, and augmented reality capabilities. Using PTC technologies, Stryker developed innovative solutions to transform the service lifecycle from a reactive to a proactive (and ultimately predictive) model. We'll describe project goals, early results, and next steps in Stryker's digital transformation journey.   Customer Success Story Lakshman Easwaran, Stryker
Vivek Phadnis, Stryker
Varunraj Shanmugavelayudham, Stryker
DEP256B - Digital Twin: Practical Approaches To Converse With Your Products Imagine if you were able to talk to your products… What people, performing what tasks, would talk to your products? What would they ask them? With digital twins, you can ask products questions across their digital definitions and physical experiences. More importantly, you don’t need complete digital twins to get started and return value. In this session, Dave Duncan, VP of Product Management at PTC, will share findings from extensive research and real-world programs. Breakout Session Dave Duncan, PTC
OG117CU - Digitizing Field Operations at Pioneer to Enhance Production Throughput and Overall Performance Pioneer Natural Resources is a large independent oil and gas exploration and production company. They are among the top five developers of oil-rich shale in the Permian basin, producing about 288,000 barrels of oil equivalents per day (BOEPD). Pioneer must leverage innovation and emerging technologies to find new approaches to operate oil fields that result in increased oil production and improved asset life.  This session will detail a practical implementation of industrial IoT technologies, involving real-time data from thousands of sensors located on a site in Midland, Texas with 30 wells. Pioneer is using the ThingWorx platform to rapidly deploy a smart connected field operations solution designed to help personnel transition from reactive to  proactive mode. This will have a direct impact on increasing overall oil production and extending the useful life of surface facility equipment. Customer Success Story Yousef Bahramzadeh, Pioneer Natural Resources
Robert Bertucci, Pioneer Natural Resources
Sagar Aslapuram, Kalypso
CP85CU - Distributed Power Plant of the Future The convergence of technologies of real-time data, artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), sensing and AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) is transforming the distributed energy market. While technology is evolving, it is also transforming relationships through the value stream. Caterpillar, Finning and DeBeers Mining will provide a view of the technology and business culture transformation that is reducing total cost of ownership, moving towards elimination of unplanned downtime, reducing operational risks and ensuring timely, accurate compliance. They will demo the live transformation of this in one of the DeBeers mine sites power plants in upper northwest Canada and talk about how technology is providing an opportunity for deeper, more integrated partnerships between OEM's, distributor and customers. Included in this session will be a next-generation vision demonstration of a large power plant's operation and maintenance through ThingWorx, Vuforia and OSISoft Pi. Customer Success Story Terri Lewis, Caterpillar
IN106P - Driving Workforce Transformation with IIoT Manufacturers today face many workforce challenges, from attracting to retaining and training. During this session, attendees will hear a panel of industry experts discussing how IIoT use cases drive value for the workforce and the enterprise. Panel Discussion Alba Contreras Rodriguez, FonS,(Focus on Solution), LLC
Samer Forzley, Simutech Multimedia
Katherine Cahalane, Bennit AI
John Carpenter, WireFreeCNC
CP87B - Edge 2.0: Next Generation IIoT Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Today, collecting and monitoring sensor data is no longer enough to have highly efficient operations or meet advanced methodologies like Industry 4.0. To achieve these goals, larger and more specific data must be collected and analyzed with advanced methods like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Across all industries, Edge 2.0 is starting to provide actionable, mission critical insights including Failure Predictors, Intelligent Maintenance, Process Optimization, and Logistical Planning to name a few. And, looking forward, we expect to see more development of domain and process-specific AI, refinement of highly efficient algorithms and the introduction of faster purpose-specific hardware. This will result in more of a shift towards data collection and analysis on the edge as well as more in-depth insights generated faster. Attend this session to hear about the current and future state of ML and AI. Breakout Session Antony Coufal, IIoT-Oxys Corp.
ST131CA - Embraer: A Legacy of Innovation with Service Parts Optimization For over 45 years Embraer has achieved success in manufacturing Executive Jets, Commercial Aviation and Security & Defense aircraft. Over the last 10 years they have gone on an exciting service journey to better support their clients. Implementing Servigistics (with Multi-Echelon Optimization) has been a transformative and successful part of that journey. During this session Johny Castro and Rodrigo Pinto will describe their strategic use of Servigistics and where they see taking this journey taking them in the future. Case Study Johny Castro
Rodrigo Pinto
CP68B - End-to-End IoT Security: A Safer Internet of Things Today, it seems everyone is talking about security in the IoT. As the diversity and number of IoT devices continue to increase, the threats to IoT systems are changing and growing even faster. For security to be effective, you're going to need real, practical end-to-end solutions to protect your devices and network.    In this session, the presenter will discuss common security pitfalls in the Internet of Things and how to protect your entire IoT environment from end-to-end. Specifically the presentation will focus on security myths: understanding the risks, how to protect your IoT network against infiltration, defending your web services in the cloud, architecting "security from the start", and keeping the fleet safe, now and forever. Breakout Session Brian Geisel, Geisel Software, Inc.
DEP902B - Engaging the Enterprise and Delivering Innovative Products This session will focus on how Lifetime Products is driving standardization, process improvement, on-time shipping, and engagement of the enterprise in their New Product Realization process. Lifetime Products has been using ProjectLink to manage their New Product Realization process for over 15 years. In this session, the PLM Director of Lifetime Products will discuss their PLM journey and how they are using ProjectLink templates to drive process improvement and time-to-market. Additionally, they will share lessons learned, project reporting, and cultural and organizational challenges. Breakout Session Brady Buchanan, Lifetime Products
DEP255B - Everything You Need to Know About Manufacturing Process Planning To compete in a world of continuous product innovation and expanding market opportunities, manufacturers are challenged with finding new ways to do things better, faster, and cheaper without disrupting operations. PTC makes it possible to implement strategies that deliver a competitive advantage by unifying the major elements of your design, manufacturing planning and resources on a common digital product definition platform while streamlining the development process into a coordinated, associative effort with engineering. Attend this session to learn how your organization can beat out the competition. Breakout Session Jean-Claude Niyonkuru, PTC
ST133P - Expert Panel: Service Parts Management Best Practices Industry leading manufacturers acknowledge the imperative of managing their service business efficiently. Inefficient service parts management can devastate the bottom line and frustrate customers when products are down and service parts are unavailable. Join a collective of thought leaders as they share their experiences and service parts management best practices. Panel Discussion Bradley Rhoton, PTC
AR12CA - From CAD to Real-time: How to Make Your Assets VR/ AR Ready In this practical tutorial from the VR/AR Association, learn how to take the content created in CAD and make it look photo-realistic in augmented and virtual realities. Case Study Mike Festa, The VR/AR Association
DEP141CU - How Role-based Apps Fit into Whirlpool’s PLM Strategy Most PLM strategies and implementations fail due to one of these reasons: poor change management, improper integrations, costly customizations, and complex UIs or Bad UX. Whirlpool believes that giving the right information to the right people at the right time is very important for the success of the company, not to mention the success of their PLM Strategy. Persona-based applications are a method Whirlpool has leveraged to drive other functions to adopt the PLM platform. Come hear how Whirlpool's simple role-based apps, that don’t require user training, support their vision to help people do more with less. Customer Success Story Bhuvnesh Sharma, Whirlpool Corporation
Tiago Bitencourt, Whirlpool Corporation
AR10B - How to Build an Augmented Reality Training Program Explore best practices for implementing education experiences with augmented reality in academia and industry. Attendees will learn a series of case studies, demo AR capabilities that are relevant for the training space, and provide a collection of best practices that you can implement with your workforce. Breakout Session Jordan Cox, PTC
Ayora Berry, PTC
DEP40CA - How Toshiba Manages BOMs and Configurations with Options & Variants This case study demonstrates the use of Options & Variants within an industrial manufacturing facility at Toshiba International Company (TIC). TIC wanted the ability to create a wide variety of BOMs from a pre-engineered single point of truth. This model would help prevent the creation of duplicate parts and BOMs while providing flexibility in creating new custom products for their customers. By creating configurable structures (overloaded assemblies) for multiple product lines and assigning options, TIC is able to create variants in an efficient and accurate manner while maintaining a single point of truth. The configurable structures can also be created in Creo allowing for custom products to be quickly and easily managed as a 3D model. The use of these options and variants allows products to be built with minimum effort from both technical and non-technical users. Case Study Matthew O'Dowd, Toshiba International Corporation
ST132CA - HPE: High Tech Inventory Optimization In the fast-paced high tech industry, every decision is critical to ensure you meet your obligations to customers and partners. To ensure equipment availability, it is imperative that your service supply chain is efficient. During this session Derrick Schindler, HPE will share how they are successfully empowering their team of service parts planners with the decision support tool, Servigistics. Case Study Danny Berry
Derrick Schindler, HPE
DEC31B - Importance of Fabrication Constraints in Topology Optimization Using fabrication constraints with Topology Optimization enable you to simultaneously optimize designs for weight/performance and manufacturability while still in the early design stage. This presentation will discuss how to use fabrication constraints in topology optimization along with their typical applications. They help the engineer to obtain manufacturable designs while reducing the weight. The general fabrication controls include minimum/ maximum component dimensions, symmetries, cyclic symmetries etc. Extrusions can be applied for designing plastic parts or during the traditional milling process. For casting, the designer can require castability for given directions. This session will also cover how different types of fabrication constraints can also be combined together to achieve desirable designs. Breakout Session Hong Dong, vanderplaats R&D
IN100B - Industry 4.0 and Beyond The 4th industrial revolution is putting smart, connected products (SCP) into smart, connected operations (SCO) and moving us towards an outcome-based economy.  Today, companies have new strategic opportunities: moving from selling products to providing value-adding services, or making a variety of operational improvements is easy to reach. However, there are also challenges and many pitfalls, including an overload of both initiatives and information. The session will include pragmatic approaches on how to get to ROI faster and more sustainably than your competition in the race for impactful digital transformations. Breakout Session Kent Eriksson, PTC
IN96B - Introducing //mConnect, An Integration Component to Bring Your PI Server and Your ThingWorx Platform to the Next Level //mConnect is an integration component to connect ThingWorx and OSIsoft PI Server, or other technologies. With //mConnect, organizations can quickly transform existing data into valuable information and accelerate IIoT adoption.   This session will cover secure deployment and configuration, wrapping and extending existing OT systems, and innovation through the ThingWorx platform. We will discuss the use of ThingWorx Analytics as a standard AI platform for the OSIsoft PI Server system. Breakout Session Rejean Ouellet, Matricis
CP89B - Introducing Solution Central: Your Gateway to Accelerated IIoT Value Across the Enterprise Discover the newest and most efficient way to deploy and manage your IIoT solutions across your enterprise! Solution Central is a new ThingWorx resource for tapping into a host of solutions designed to augment the ThingWorx platform, allowing you to deliver pre-configured, feature-rich apps and mashups in a fraction of the typical time. In this presentation, presenters will review the Solution Central architecture and show how it extends the ThingWorx platform to provide continuously refreshed capabilities that streamline deployment, monitoring, and development of your ThingWorx apps/ IIoT solutions. This session will focus on the first phase of Solution Central: simplifying multi-site deployment to enable enterprise-wide visibility to foster maximum productivity. Breakout Session Kaija Petrone, PTC
Chris Baldwin, PTC
CP70B - IoT Cybersecurity Standards: One Standard to Rule Them All! Today there is a proliferation of IoT cybersecurity standards. Many do not have actionable, prescriptive elements in them and sorting through all of them and their applicability can be a challenge for even the savviest IoT practitioner. Attendees of this session will learn a lot more about IoT cybersecurity standards.    Topics include: describing, comparing and evaluating the existing standards; illustrating common themes between the standards; recommending what standards IoT providers should adopt; and providing a vision for future standards and where the industry might hopefully go.  Attendees should expect to walk away from this session with practical guidance on how to best use the existing IoT cybersecurity standards and what they can expect in the future. Breakout Session Rob Black, Fractional CISO
CP73B - IoT, The Fall and Rise of Manufacturing Thanks to almost a decade of applied sensors and connectivity, US manufacturing is the "old man" who is about to wake up in a new body. IoT is turning from theory into reality (there are now real business models with very real profits), which means manufacturing could be about to experience the same remarkable run of growth that the technology industry enjoyed after the dot-com boom. By 2030, IoT is projected to explode into a sector that will be roughly the size of the current economy of China, or around $14 trillion. Because data collected from IoT connected field assets or home devices allows you to rediscover your customer, it lets you learn what they really want. In this talk, you will hear how the only true competitive advantage is your relationship with and knowledge of your customers and how to monetize these services by a subscription business model. Breakout Session Marc Diouane, Zuora
CP66B - It’s All About The Apps: Introducing ThingWorx Mashup Builder 2.0 and More! ThingWorx is reinventing itself again as a solution building platform in 2019. The newly designed ThingWorx Mashup Builder includes a host of new tools designed to increase functionality, modernize responsiveness, and provide developers with a more intuitive and time-saving user interface. Novice and seasoned developers will enjoy this session describing some of the latest features in Mashup Builder and Composer, as well as, support for packaging, deployment, continuous integration, dependency management, and application development strategies. The session will include a live demo with a walkthrough of the new tools and conclude with the construction of a simple mashup. Breakout Session Aanjan Ravi, PTC
Stephen Fresta, PTC
Chris Baldwin, PTC
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